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Take manual guesswork out of the equation - know exactly where you stand with your portfolio and what risks you are exposed to.

A Single Source Of Truth

Consolidate All Assets in One Place

We firmly believe financial intelligence starts with data consolidation. PrizmaDesk can consolidate all types of asset classes in one place.

Publicly-Listed Investments

Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, REITs, Closed-End Funds, Cryptocurrencies, Listed Derivatives and more.

Private Investments

Real Estate, Private Equity, Loans, Collectables, and more.

Market Data Providers

Stock Prices, Option and Derivative Data, Foreign Exchange Rates, Fixed-Income Data and more.

portfolio insights you can trust

Make More Informed Financial Decisions

Performance Tracking

The platform provides real-time performance tracking, enabling (U)HNWIs to monitor the performance of all investments in one place.

The platform provides real-time performance tracking, enabling (U)HNWIs to monitor the performance of all investments in one place.

Allocation & Exposure Analysis

PrizmaDesk provides valuable insights into risk exposures across various segments of your portfolio, empowering (U)HNWIs to make well-informed decisions and effectively mitigate potential risks.

Cost Analysis

PrizmaDesk helps you optimize costs by providing full transparency into paid bank and exchange fees.

Cashflow & Liquidity Projections

Analyse portfolio liquidity, forecast future cash flows and assess the impact on your investments.

Real-Time Alerts

PrizmaDesk keeps you updated with real-time alerts on portfolio changes, upcoming market events, and important financial developments, ensuring you're always informed.

Beyond Banking Boundaries

Private Investments

We understand that wealth extends beyond traditional bank and investment accounts. PrizmaDesk allows you to monitor any type of asset class, including private equity, real estate, collectables, office leases, and private loans - offering a single source of truth for all your wealth.

Seamless Wealth Management

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

Easily access and monitor your wealth from any device, from anywhere. Always be on top of things and never miss an important event again.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is Our Utmost Priority

Ensuring the utmost security and safeguarding the confidentiality of your sensitive financial and personal data is our top priority. We employ a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge security measures to ensure your information is always protected.

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Our professional and experienced team is committed to providing you with exceptional support every step of the way. We are here to elevate your experience with the assurance that our professional team is by your side, providing unparalleled support and expertise throughout your journey.

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PrizmaDesk is beneficial not only for me as an asset manager but also for the entire family office. It transformed the way we operate and streamlined our daily routine. Now I have more time to devote exclusively to trading and the owners have a complete overview of our portfolio.

J. P. Steichen
J. P. Steichen
Chief Investment Officer, White Whale Capital
PrizmaDesk has been a game-changer for my wealth-management journey. It offers complete transparency, allowing me to conveniently monitor both publicly listed and my private asset, anywhere, anytime. Additionally, our advisors have been empowered with the right tools and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that align perfectly with our investment strategy.

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