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Meet the Founders

Tilen Savnik

Tilen Savnik

Co-Founder and CEO. Solution arhitect, previously working in industry-leading tech companies, such as Cisco Systems and ThousandEyes.
Zan Grjol

Žan Grjol

Co-Founder and Product Manager. Financial mathematician and data analyst with years of experience at Bitstamp and Deloitte.
Luka Tavcer

Luka Tavčer

Co-Founder and CTO. Experienced developer with years of experience at different startups.
Strategic Advisor
Industry expert, investor, Co-Founder and former CEO of Bitstamp, leading European crypto exchange.


PrizmaDesk is a global innovator in portfolio management solutions. With offices in Luxembourg and Slovenia, we combine the stability of Luxembourg's financial hub with Slovenia's world class software engineers.

Luxembourg Office
51-53 Rue de Merl
2146 Luxembourg
Slovenia Headquarters
Dalmatinova 8
1000 Ljubljana

Purpose, Mission, Vision

Together, our purpose, mission, and vision guide us in our commitment to delivering excellence in the world of finance and investment.


Our purpose is to revolutionize the way investors manage their portfolios. We're committed to simplifying the complex world of finance, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed investment decisions with confidence.


Our mission is to simplify portfolio management, enhance transparency, and provide real-time data-driven insights that enable our clients to achieve their financial goals. We're dedicated to being a trusted partner on their journey to financial success.


PrizmaDesk envisions a future where every investor, from individuals to financial institutions, has the tools and knowledge to maximize their financial potential. We aspire to be at the forefront of this transformation by continuously innovating and providing user-centric, data-driven solutions.